We’ll help you find balance
on this journey called life!
We’ll help you find balance
on this journey called life!
We’ll help you find balance
on this journey called life!
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Life Restore Can Help In Difficult Situations…

Substance Abuse Therapy


Addiction Recovery

Anger, Depression, Stress Management

Trauma and Grief


Janie Landry

Janie is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Guidance from Louisiana Tech University. She is a National Certified Counselor, certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors. Janie also holds a Master of Arts degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. Since 2013 she has worked with young people and adults struggling with addiction and sobriety. In addition to her work in addiction, trauma, and recovery, she has focused on helping individuals improve their coping skills to manage life issues associated with dysfunctional relationships, anger, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, self-esteem, and antisocial behavior. Janie’s approach to therapy is primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy though she uses an Integrative approach tapping into Positive Psychology and Mindfulness-Based techniques to achieve the best results possible for each client. She has also been an Adjunct Psychology Professor for 20 years.

John Gingles

John earned a Bachelor of Science degree from McNeese State University in 1989 and a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance from Louisiana Tech University in 2011. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has specialized in working with adults struggling with substance and behavioral addictions since 2012. His work in addiction recovery has encompassed a wide array of related issues including trauma, anxiety, grief, codependency, depression, self-esteem, anger management, stress management, and relationships.

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Life Restore Practice

We opened our practice in May of 2019 committed to helping our clients recover from addiction and other serious life problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, unhealthy behaviors, and dysfunctional relationships. Our goal is to help our clients enhance their life-coping skills which can support them in challenging situations and ultimately help them become happier in life. We are currently a private pay practice but will arrange special discounts and other means to help individuals afford counseling when needed.

We  offer help with substance abuse, addiction recovery, trauma, grief, codependency, depression, anxiety, anger management, stress management, and relationships. Our interest includes helping others learn to improve their coping skills, tap into their strengths, realize their challenges, and begin the healing process. We have 12 years’ combined counseling experience. Our approach is primarily Cognitive Behavioral with an Integrative Approach. We view counseling as a unique helping relationship based on trust, understanding, and compassion that can provide individuals the opportunity for change, support, growth, and healing.


Life Restore Counseling is Verified by Psychology Today


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone benefit from counseling?

Most people can benefit from counseling.  However, it requires honesty,
commitment, and work.

What are the benefits of counseling?
  • Individuals, couples, and families can benefit from becoming more comfortable with self.
  • Self-esteem and self-understanding can be enhanced through counseling
    Learning how to identify negative messages, self-defeating behaviors, or unhealthy habits can be
    a result of a successful therapeutic relationship.
  • Improved interpersonal and intrapersonal communication can result from counseling.
  • Clients can learn to communicate and express themselves better.
  • Counseling can help individuals replace self-defeating behaviors with positive skills.
  • The counseling process can help provide emotion management.
  • The process can help individuals gain relief from anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.
  • Individuals can learn the practice of mindfulness in counseling.
  • Talk therapy can replace despair with hope.
What does Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) mean?

A Licensed Professional Counselor has obtained a Masters Degree from an Accredited
University in the field of Mental Health Counseling, had more than 3000 clock hours of
supervision with an LPC, passed a national exam, and been approved by a state licensing board
to be certified to provide counseling services.

How long will therapy take?

It depends upon the needs of each client. Generally, most people feel better after just 2 or 3 sessions, but it may take weeks or months depending upon each individual.

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$50 – $85


Sliding scale and
discounted pricing available

Substance Abuse Therapy


Depression Therapy

Stress Management

Anxiety Treatment

Individual Coaching

Post-Divorce Recovery



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